From Nature with Love – Natural Skin Care Recipe Database contains hundreds of recipes that provide insight and inspiration for creating nutritive and luxurious natural or virtually all natural products.

Cranberry Lane – A collection of skin and body care recipes from years of research and significant resources to make sure all of our information is as accurate as possible. We test all of our recipes and skin care products to ensure the highest quality, this saves you time and money.

The Herbarie Formulary – The Formulary is designed to provide basic information, creative ideas, and guidance to formulators in the personal care and spa industries. – A nice list of recipes for all types of cosmetics, skin and body care including ones for beginners.

Ingredients to die for Formulary – 100+ formulations for both hair and skin applications. Most formulas are for skin care products.

Fresh Picked Beauty – Do it yourself recipes for Face Body and Hair

Don’t Mess with Mama – 100+ DIY Beauty Recipes and Personal Care Products

Personal Formulator – A small list of formulations for hair care, nail care, skin care and even some products for pets.

Mother Earth Living – Stay healthy, and save money with homemade body, hair care and beauty products free of chemical preservatives.

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